A Step Closer to Priesthood

July 13, 2018

On Friday morning, July 13, 2018, two seminarians of Mar Abba the Great were ordained as Deacons. For them, this will be the final step before their priestly ordination. [...]

Celebrating 48 Years of Priesthood

June 3, 2016

On June 2, Fr. Sabri Kejbo celebrated his 48th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. The clergy who were present after breakfast celebrated with a cake. Fr. Sabri was [...]

Following in the Ministry of Christ

May 7, 2016

On Friday, May 6, 2016, Shamasha Amir Sha’ya was ordained a Deacon by His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo at St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral. The ordination [...]

Preparing for Major Dedications

May 6, 2016

During the month of May, St. Peter Diocese will be celebrating three major dedications of service. They are: – The Deaconate Ordination of Amir Sha’ya on Friday, May [...]

Faith as a Grain of Mustard Seed

August 16, 2015

On Sunday, August 16, 2015, Fr. David Stephen celebrated his first Mass at St. Peter Cathedral. The 11:30am High Mass was filled with faithful as well as Fr. David’s [...]

The Smallest of all Seeds

August 16, 2015

At 5pm on Saturday, August 15, 2015, Fr. Royal Hannosh celebrated his first mass at St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral. It was a great blessing that his first mass [...]

Filled With the Holy Spirit

August 15, 2015

After witnessing the beautiful ordinations of Fr. David Stephen and Fr. Royal Hannosh, the faithful ended Mass with a procession to the Hall where the newly ordained priests [...]

Set Apart in the Service of Christ

August 14, 2015

On Friday, August 14, 2015, the eve of the Assumption of Mary, St. Peter Cathedral witnessed the priestly ordination of two more Deacons. Fr. David Stephen and Fr. Royal [...]