The Beauty of the Sanctuary Veil

September 4, 2015

The Bridegroom and the Bride Marriage is a beautiful thing and the exchange of vows, although important, doesn’t end the wedding. It wouldn’t be a marriage without a [...]

Facing the Cross

September 1, 2015

While scared, confused and discouraged, the Scottish soldiers waited with no real leadership before battle started in Stirling. Then, William Wallace on his horse, rode with [...]

Keeping the Liturgy Chaldean

August 26, 2015

Introduction In this article, I will present the Church’s instructions for reforming the liturgy, given to us by the Second Vatican Council in the document, Sacrosanctum [...]

The Reformed Chaldean Mass

July 13, 2015

Q – When and how was this Reformed Mass put together? A – The Reformed Chaldean Mass is the work of a Patriarchal Liturgical Committee begun by the last Patriarch, His [...]
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