Basilica Hymns

The “Basilica Hymns” or ‘onyatha d-basaliqe are the proper hymns for Ramsha, or Evening Prayer, in the Church of the East. They are deep reflections on the meaning of each Sunday and Feast Day, and therefore of each liturgical Season, from Advent to the Sanctification of the Church, and unparalleled commentaries on Sacred Scripture.

Subara/Advent and Nativity/Christmas
First Sunday of Subara
Second Sunday of Subara
Third Sunday of Subara
Fourth Sunday of Subara
Feast of the Birth of Our Lord
Feast of Our Lady
Memorial of the Infants
First Sunday after the Nativity
Second Sunday after the Nativity

The Feast of Dinha
Second Sunday of Dinha
Third Sunday of Dinha
Fourth Sunday of Dinha
Fifth Sunday of Dinha
Sixth Sunday of Dinha
Seventh Sunday of Dinha
Eighth Sunday of Dinha

The Season of Sawma/Lent
First Sunday of Sawma

Second Sunday of Sawma
Third Sunday of Sawma
Fourth Sunday of Sawma
Fifth Sunday of Sawma
Sixth Sunday of Sawma
Hosanna Sunday
Holy Saturday

Resurrection Sunday
The Week of Weeks
Second Sunday of the Resurrection
Third Sunday of the Resurrection
Fourth Sunday of the Resurrection
Fifth Sunday of the Resurrection
Sixth Sunday of the Resurrection
Feast of the Ascension
Sunday After the Ascension