The Consecration of Holy Family Chaldean Catholic Church

I moved to Arizona nearly three years ago and the hot topic everyone was speaking about was when we would purchase a new church. The Chaldean population in Arizona is spread throughout the city of Phoenix and has grown to over a thousand families. Our church Mar Abraham is old and too small for our growing community and it made sense that people kept asking when we would purchase a new church. Working alongside Fr. Felix, I bore witness to his tireless attitude to always better serve the community in whatever way they need. Unfortunately, their work three years ago would not come to fruition due to financial or location issues.

After the installation of our new bishop, Mar Emanuel Shaleta, he really encouraged the community to persevere in these tough times and he guaranteed his support to our humble community. Not long after the Bishop encouraged the community, we found a beautiful church in a perfect location that would suit the needs of our Chaldean community and we took advantage. The entire community gathered together to finally make this dream a reality. We received the keys of the new church on Holy Thursday (March 28, 2018). The capacity of the church could hold 400 parishioners.

On May 11, 2018, our Bishop came to Arizona to consecrate the new church. His Excellency, Mar Bashar Warda, the bishop of Erbil, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, the Bishop of Arizona, were among the clergymen present during the consecration. The new parish was given the name Holy Family Chaldean Catholic Church.