St. Peter’s Diocese Appoints New Financial Council

Starting from January 25, 2018, His Excellency Mar Emmanuel Shaleta developed a new financial council to maintain permanent records to track funds and financial transactions, to prepare reports for all the transactions and to prepare an annual financial report covering the current fiscal year, so that the Church is transparent with the people she serves.

For that purpose, the Bishop chose this council as:

  • Aziz Razoky,
  • Samer Salim
  • Basil Aboona
  • Nader Rabban
  • Amy Salem
  • Kim Tominna
  • Garvin Garmo
  • Essa Yousif
  • Dr. Abdallah Younan (AZ)
  • Diana Madalow Shamon
  • David Barka
  • Wes Salem- Financial Advisor
  • Paul Jonna- Legal Advisor