Chaldean Youth Art Exhibition

Held for the first time at St. Michael's Chaldean Catholic Church

This art exposition is a direct reflection of the path that the church community needs to move toward. These types of events are especially appealing to Chaldean youth, but allow all members to demonstrate their passion and emotion through art. For too long the Chaldean community has been exposed to famine, war and genocide, both in previous centuries and in contemporary history. The plight of our people has diverted us from the production and creation of music, painting, photography, architecture, sculpture and many other forms of artwork. Instead of advancing our culture through art, our people have been forced to devote their lives to survival for generations now. As we settle and build our community and families in a nation that affords us the peace of mind that the United States does, it is our duty to influence and enlighten our youth to be more cultured. The goal is to promote intellectualism among our people and especially our youth, who are the true future of this church and of the Chaldean people. I truly hope that you enjoy this art gallery and may this just be the beginning of more to come.