Gathering as One Family of Faithful

Patriarch Sako celebrates Mass at St. Michael Chaldean Catholic Church

This Sunday his beatitude patriarch Luis Sako celebrated 6 PM mass at Saint Michaels Chaldean Catholic Church in San Diego California. Along side with Bishop Shlemoun Warduni, Bishop Basilio Yaldo, Bishop Emmanuel Shaleta, Bishop Bawai Soro and Father Sabri Kejbo. In attendance were also, Bishop Frank Kalabat, Bishop Sarhad Jammo, Father Michael Bazzi, Father Ankido Sipo and Father David Stephen. The church was full of parishioners and after the mass has beatitude opened up discussion for the faithful to be able to ask some questions about our diocese and our Chaldean church as a whole, a few of the faithful came up asking questions and after the discussion was over the patriarch with the rest of the bishops and the priests went into the hall of the church and greeted the faithful. Afterword the patriarch with the other bishops and priests shared and dinner together.

During his homily the patriarchs spoke about many things including the unity of our church how we must all come together to stand strong and such trying times and our church history and how we must support our brothers and sisters who are in Iraq those who are suffering and how if we stand together we will be able to overcome all things sharing and God’s love and God’s mercy.

It was truly a memorable day for the church and for people and for our diocese. May God bless our patriarch our bishops our priests and all the faithful and may he give us strength to continue as a church strong and it’s beliefs and character.