A New Shepherd for St. Peter Diocese

His Excellency, Bishop Emmanuel Shaleta is installed as the new Bishop of St. Peter Diocese

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, with joy and praise to the Lord Jesus, the Chaldean community in San Diego celebrated the installation of a new bishop- Bishop Emmanuel Hanna Shaleta. He became the second bishop to serve the Chaldean Community West of the United States.

The celebration started with a procession from the education center led by The Color Corps of the Knights of Columbus, Mar Toma counsel at St. Peter Chaldean Cathedral. The procession stretched the distance of the entire church with local and out-of-state deacons, priests, and bishops.

His beatitude, Mar Rafael Sako, the Patriarch of the Chaldeans, traveled from Baghdad, Iraq especially to celebrate this occasion- the installation mass. It was the first time, in the history of this community, that six Chaldean bishops were standing at the altar of St. Peter’s Cathedral celebrating a Holy Mass. In attendance were other Bishops from surrounding Diocese who came to share in the joyous occasion. The 12 Bishops in attendance were as follows; Bishop Emmanuel Shaleta, Bishop Shlemun Warduni, Bishop Francis Kallabat, Bishop Bawai Soro, Bishop Robert McElroy, Bishop Robert Brom, Bishop John Dolan, Bishop Jibrael Kassab, Bishop Basilios Yaldo, Bishop Khamis and Bishop Yoseph.

At the end of the Mass, before Bishop Shaleta was officially handed the cane of Peter to lead the community of the faithful, his beatitude spoke and Bishop Francis Kalabat read the official Papal decree of appointment from his Holiness- Pope Francis. Following this, Bishop Warduni read the Patriarchate decree. His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Jammo, the recently retired bishop, was also recognized by the Patriarch for his great service to this community and he was wished a good retirement with the hope that he will continue his mission to the faithful. The Patriarch requested Bishop Jammo to hand over the cane of St. Peter Diocese to his Excellency, Emmanuel Shaleta. The parishioners, in turn, erupted with applause and “halahil” to express their gratitude to Mar Sarhad and his Excellency Bishop Shaleta.

The event was broadcast live to the rest of the world by Kaldu TV via live stream, Facebook and the Kaldu Tv website.  Several television and radio stations linked in to Kaldu TV to broadcast this event live through their own media.n

We thank the Lord for His blessing to this community with the installation of the new bishop and wish him good health to continue his service to the his people.

Following the Installation Ceremony, a luncheon took place at Crystal Ballroom to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Chaldean Media Center
Report by Wisam Jaadan
Photos by Nasrat Damman and Basil Mekha