A Gathering of Brethren

Patriarch Louis Sako attends the St. Peter Diocese priest meeting

His Beatitude Patriarch Louis Sako met with Mar Emanuel Shaleta, the Eparch of St. Peter Diocese, Mar Bawai Soro and the priests of the diocese. He spoke about the unity between the bishop and his priests. He also spoke about the need for renewed spirituality for the priests, and for them to respect and obey the canons of the Church, so that the Church can have order and unity, instead of chaos and divisions. He also talked about unifying the Liturgy in all the parishes and the relationship between the Mother Church and the Diocese. He said that unity makes us strong and helps us to be witnesses for Christ.

After that, he heard from each priest, his opinion and suggestions. Everyone spoke in an open and honest dialogue with the Patriarch.

In attendance of the meeting were also Bishop Shlemon Warduni and Bishop Basilio Yaldo.