Spiritual Formation Conference

As the people of the St. Peter Diocese enter into the season of Lent, Bishop Shlemon Wardoni called for a Spiritual Formation Conference for the priests, seminarians and religious of the diocese. During the two days of meeting, Fr. Jim Puglisi, a Franciscan priest from Rome gave lectures on spirituality and formation, that were ordered toward the clergy and religious of St. Peter Diocese.

On the first day, Fr. Jim held a session with the formation team of the seminarians, monks and religious sisters of our diocese. That session included: Bishop Shlemon Warduni, Bishop Bawai Soro, Fr. Sabri Kejbo, Fr. Ankido Sipo and Fr. Simon Esshaki. The next day he met with everyone as a group and shared very valuable information on how to be servants of the Church in love, unity and community.