The Emmaus Retreat – December 2016

Reflections from the Emmaus Retreat

The Emmaus Retreat took place again at St. George Monastery on December 15-18, 2016. The retreat was attended by a total of 43 retreatants and leaders, led by Fr. Simon Esshaki, Fr. Royal Hannosh (who brought some people from Arizona to attend), Sister Anahyd and other leaders.

Throughout the weekend, the retreatants were given the opportunity to reflect on their life and their relationship with God, while learning how to grow closer to him by his grace and the unity they should have with his Church. It was truly a blessed weekend as people resolved to make changes in their life for the better.

Below are some reflections of some of the people who attended:

I signed up for the Emmaus retreat because I felt that my faith in my religion needed a reboot. It is remarkable how much my faith in God has increased in just a short weekend. I can honestly say that the Emmaus retreat has been an experience that is indescribably wonderful and definitely unforgettable. I met some of the most amazing people who all had such unique backgrounds and yet I felt like we were all able to connect and relate to each other in ways I could not imagine. Friends who have gone before all encouraged me to go and told me it was “life changing”. After experiencing it for myself I can truthfully say it is just that. This retreat has been a real eye-opener and it leaves you with a new outlook on life and a burning desire to grow closer with God. I want to thank all the leaders, Sister Anahyd, Fr. Royal, and Fr. Simon for guiding us all through this journey to conversion. I highly recommend everyone, whether or not your faith is strong, to partake in this wonderful adventure. I love my Emmaus family and I am so happy I got to experience it with all of you. Thank you for a memorable weekend!    – Rita Hakim

The Emmaus retreat was truly an incredible experience. The entire weekend was filled with laughter, tears, and joy as we walked with Jesus. Each day opened each and every one of our hearts more and more to Christ as we made our journey to Jerusalem. I am so thankful for this experience, which strengthened my relationship with Christ, increased my faith, and brought me life-long friendships with my new Emmaus family. God is so good!

-Raniya Farida

Emmaus…The experience was amazing and touching because you learn so many things about faith and about God. You gain a new family from it. I am so blessed that my church has this retreat. I hope that everyone takes the opportunity our church gives us and goes on this beautiful retreat.   -Ashley Shorez

I am so thankful that I was able to attend the Emmaus Retreat this year. I have attended many retreats before, and I can say with certainty that Emmaus stands alone as a life changing retreat. Not only do you get the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God, but you also build friendships that will last a lifetime. I strongly encourage everyone who is eligible to attend this retreat, as it truly is an incredible experience.

-Nicole Iskandar

Emmaus has been life changing for me. I found myself appreciative of things that I didn’t know existed in my life. Just being around everyone was so amazing. When you give God the chance to enter your heart, amazing things happened.    -Loubna Mameza