H.E. Bishop Shlemon Warduni Visits BASIC Youth Group

His Excellency Bishop Shlemon Warduni continued his visit around the various groups and activities of St. Peter’s Diocese as he attended a meeting with the youth of St. Peter’s Cathedral. This time he attended BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ), which is a group of 160 Middle School students led by me, some of the seminarians of our diocese and a few faithful volunteers.

At the meeting, the Bishop advised the children to be good and faithful students, to listen to their parents and church leaders, and also encouraged them to consider vocations to the religious life and the priesthood. Following his speech, the children performed plays and presentations about the lives of various saints.

We were all very pleased and happy to have Bishop Shlemon come and visit our youth group. We will continue praying for him and for the Chaldean Church.