September 2016

St. Mary’s 8th Annual Food Festival

September 20, 2016

For its 8th consecutive year, the faithful of St. Mary’s Assyrian Chaldean Church had their Annual Food Festival in Campbell, California. The day was filled with [...]

How Great Are Your Works, O Lord!

September 19, 2016

For more reflections on the Basilica Hymns of each season, purchase Perpetual Jubilee: Meditations on the Chaldean Liturgical Year on Immeasurable in Miles When [...]

The Feast of the Cross at the Cathedral

September 15, 2016

In 327, Empress Helena, Constantine’s mother, came as a pilgrim to Jerusalem and wished to search for the Holy Cross. The historical account narrates the discovery of three [...]

May Your Cross Rule on Earth

September 14, 2016

Church & State A great deal of harm has been done by oversimplifying the relationship between political authority and the truth of the Christian faith. A glaring example [...]
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