Sharing Mercy

The Chaldean-Assyrian Youth Convention Takes Place in San Jose, CA

The second day of the St. Peter Diocese Chaldean Youth Convention began with breakfast at St. Mary’s followed by Morning Prayer in the church. The second day of the youth convention is generally split between different lectures for the youth to attend, followed by an evening of sight seeing or other social events.

This year, the youth convention speakers included film producer, Ron Najor as well as Joseph Tassone, a teacher at Marin County Catholic High School as well as a Knights of Columbus member who advocates on behalf of Christian refugees. The youth were split into two groups, with one of them using the hall and the other in the church.

Afterward, the youth engaged in small group activities where they were able to meet other Chaldean and Assyrian young people from the other parishes of St. Peter Diocese. Later in the afternoon, the almost 400 youth will enjoy seeing the sights of the San Francisco Bay Area.