Bishop Shlemoun Visit to the St. Michael Youth

This past week our Bishop and Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Shlemoun Warduni, came and visited with the youth of St. Michael and some of their parents as well as with helpers and leaders of the groups, which consist of, AIM (Apostles in Mission) middle school youth group, High School Bible study and youth group, Chaldean Boys and Girls Scouts, Chaldean Catechism program, and newsletter and bookstore staff.

IMG_6573Mar Shlemoun was introduced to the gathered youth and teachers by Father David Stephen. After a very warm welcome, Bishop Shlemoun gave some very wise and eye opening words to the youth and teachers, telling them about how grateful we must be to be able to go to church and have groups that envelope the Chaldean Catholic teachings. He also stressed the importance of holding on to heritage and making sure that we never take anything for granted. He then spoke a little bit about his own youth that he has in his diocese back in Iraq and gave some stories of things that they do there. Finally he thanked the students and teachers for doing such a great job in running all the different things at St. Michaels, everything from the student run newsletter that comes out every other week and the bookstore. he continued by thanking the teachers for the hard work they do in putting on such events as retreats, youth outings, fun nights, and etc.kaldu pic

After enjoying some refreshments the youth were able to share some of the things that they do around St. Michaels and finally Father David Stephen presented Bishop Shlemoun with a gift from the youth for his office, to always remember the St. Michael youth by. Finally the event concluded with the youth leaders Saba Yousif and Wisam Yousif presenting Bishop Shlemoun with a donation from the St. Michael youth to his Excellency’s youth back home.