H.E. Bishop Mar Shlemon Warduni Arrival to Phoenix

On Friday May 27, 2016, H.E. Bishop Shlemon Warduni, the Apostolic Administrator of the Chaldean Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle, assigned by H.H. Pope Francis, arrived to Phoenix in preparation for First Communion. Upon his arrival to Mar Abraham Parish, he blessed the community with prayer and Eucharistic Benediction following the daily mass.

Following the Eucharist Benediction, the faithful gathered for a potluck dinner in the Parish Hall for a small welcome gathering. At this gathering, the people had the opportunity to interact with our Apostolic Administrator and welcome him to the Diocese personally. The room was filled with joy and happiness.

After dinner, Fr. Felix Shabi introduced H.E. Bishop Shlemon Warduni to the Arizona Chaldean community by sharing a brief biography of His Excellency. After being introduced, H.E. Bishop Shlemon Warduni spoke to the community about his vision for the Diocese; he shared a vision filled with Love, Unity, and Peace. After he shared his vision, the community had their opportunity to respond by commenting or asking any questions they had for the Bishop. The Bishop clarified, answered and eased the minds of all those who were in distress.

The Chaldean Church of Arizona welcomes H.E. Bishop Shlemon Warduni and prays for his vision to be a success.