St. Thomas Parish of Turlock Celebrate Its 52nd Anniversary

Joyfully on Saturday May 21st,  St. Thomas Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church in Turlock celebrated its 52nd anniversary in a special dinner gathering at the church hall.

After prayer by Fr. Awraha Mansour followed by dinner, in his speech Dr. Raymond George, the Church Council’s president gave thanks to the late Fr. Isha Yousip, the founder of the church who with the assistance of some 40 Assyrian Catholic families arriving from Iran together with the supervision of the local Catholic bishop Hugh Danhue were instrumental in establishing and finishing building this church on May 24th 1964.

Then he thanked all the past pastors that served the church for all these years in this order:

1- Fr. Isha Yousip, 1964-1966  ( Deceased)
2- Fr. Abdul Ahid Najjar, 1966-1981 ( Deceased)
3- Fr. Francis Dauod, 1982-1988  (Deceased)
4- Fr. Youshia Sana, 1988-1990
5- Fr. Sabri Yousif Maqdasi, 1990-1994
6- Fr. Kamal Bidawid, 1994-2011
7- Fr. Awraha Mansour & Fr. Petrus Solaqa, currently serving and since 2011.

In the meantime special appreciation and recognition went to both Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim and Bishop Sarhad Jammo for their leadership, hard work and dedication for all these years for their service as now they have both retired after reaching the legal age of 75 years.

A special thanks went to our Chaldean Sisters, the many deacons, church councils and the different sub committees such as the ladies auxiliary, youth, Catechism, Choir and bingo for their continued services and all the members who have continuously helped the church in their donations.

After dinner all the deacons were present in assisting Fr. Awraha & Fr. Petrus in cutting the anniversary cake.

St. Thomas Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church- Council

Turlock- California