Receiving the Source and Summit

First Communion at St. Paul Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Church

What a blessing it was to join Mar Shlemun on a apostolic road trip to North Hollywood, to give 10 kids their First Communion. Saturday evening we arrived in Burbank and were welcomed by Fr. Shmuel who is the Pastor of St. Paul Church. Myself, Seminarian Peter Patros, Mar Shlemun, and Fr. Shmuel went to dinner and had a nice time catching up. We then woke up bright and early on Sunday and prepared for First Communion Mass. We arrived at St. Paul around 10am where we were welcomed by a swarm of parishioners, deacons, and the First Communion candidates.

His Excellency, Mar Shlemun addressed the kids during his homily and told them how they should never forget this blessed and holy day. He then looked at the pews and told the parents of these children that they should always keep up with the Church of Christ and to never miss a Sunday mass. Following mass, the parishioners had a nice gathering for us in their hall where we ate, presented awards, and mingled with the parishioners.