Praying for Peace

The Mar Auraha Group Holds a Dinner in Honor of Mar Shlemun Warduni

On Tuesday evening, May 17, 2016, His Excellency, Mar Shlemun Warduni, the Apostolic Administrator of St. Peter Diocese, was invited to a dinner gathering by the Mar Auraha Group at Royal Palace. After a warm welcome, Mar Shlemun was invited to speak to the people gathered in his honor. Below, you will find a translation of the speech given in Arabic.

I am very happy to be with you all and I thank you for inviting me here tonight. Your loving welcome of me has been a beautiful witness and I thank you. We are in need of peace these days. Peace of the soul and peace within our families, and I pray to God for this peace to come upon you, the youth and all the faithful. The family is suffering these days and I pray especially that they may know how to live in peace. This peace which flows from the family will flow into society and around the world.

I have come to serve you, especially the clergy and the youth of this diocese. I ask for your prayers for myself and for your priests. We are in need of love and service, so I ask that you may pray for us to serve you in love. Our connection to one another does not come from our common villages or cities, our connection comes from our shared faith in Christianity, and the love we have for one another. I ask that God may protect your families and bring you peace. I thank the clergy of this diocese, especially His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip for his hard work, as well as Mar Bawai Soro for his continued work. I also thank His Excellency, Mar Ibrahim for the work he did here before the establishment of this Diocese. The Patriarch, His Beatitude, Mar Louis sends you his greetings and blessing as well.

I thank you again, and may God protect you.