Cleansing the Soul

St. Michael's First Communicants make their first Confession

On Saturday, June 9, 2016, the children of the St. Michael’s First Communion program made their first confession. After months of preparation, the students were finally ready for confession. It is always a blessing to witness First Communicants make their first confessions. They begin so nervously, worried that they will “fail”. However, nothing compares to the look on their faces when they leave the confessional knowing all their sins are forgiven. The following are reactions from some of the students.

The priest was very nice and kind. He understood me. Right now I feel like crying ┬ábecause I love God and I feel like he is the one that I love. – Amanda

I felt nervous and scared because it was face to face, but the priest was really nice and respectful. After confession I felt really clean. – Varen

I felt blessed and I felt like I am going to heaven. I felt so nervous that I forget the most important sin ever. Then I didn’t feel nervous anymore, and I am so so happy about it. – Mirna