Way of the Cross

On March 19th, a group of over 70 high school students departed from St. Peter’s for the Way of the Cross retreat. The overnight retreat took place at Whispering Winds campground in Julian. There,┬áthe group of individuals gathered in order to grow closer to Christ and prepare themselves for His resurrection. They shared a fair share of laughs and cries, as they joined one another in order to feel Christ’s suffering and remember how He died for our sins.

Upon their arrival, the group got together for breakfast and got to know one another through an activity. The day was followed by multiple different activities and talks given by leaders. They stood side by side as they walked with Christ and learned the perseverance of strength that Mother Mary showed as she watched her only son die on the cross for our salvation. The group of students and leaders grew closer to one another and stronger in faith throughout their entire journey.