Walking With Jesus

A wonderful event took place this evening in commemorating Holy Week. The St. Peter Chaldean Cathedral hosted the Ascending to the Mountain of the Lord musical and play composed by His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo and the director of the St. Peter Choir, Luay Yousif. The musical and play became the second annual performance at the Cathedral. His Excellency opened up the evening with a substantial speech of Christ’s passion leading to the cross and of Christ’s bestow of his mother Mary to the world.

As Luay led the choir with his violin, the actors performed the passion of Christ, beginning with the arresting of Jesus. The musical performance of the St. Peter Choir included a cello, flute, and piano to go along with the violin. The actors presented the events of Jesus’ passion and of Mary’s sorrow exquisitely; moreover, the music harmonized their performance.

With the show coming to a conclusion, His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo called all the performers to the stage; the audience rendered a standing ovation. His Excellency expressed his appreciation towards all the performers as well as all who attended. Please enjoy the pictures from the event below.