Commemoration of Passion Friday

Saint Matthew Catholic Church Ceres-CA

Summary and Photos By: Saint Matthew Catholic Church Media Team

The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” John 1:29

On Friday, March 25th of 2016, our Pastor Fr. Awraha Mansoor joined his congregation at Saint Matthew Catholic Church as we gathered to commemorate Passion Friday of our Lord Jesus Christ. He reminded us that now the Church is empty because the Eucharist was taken out of the sanctuary on previous night, the Holy Thursday, and kept in an especially prepared place in another room. This resembles the death of our Lord Jesus Christ as He was crucified and died for us to be saved over 2000 years ago.

Fr. Awraha explained how Catholic Parishes are transformed during these two days of mourning where no decoration is in place, the tabernacle light that is always on to signify Christ’s presence is now off, and the tabernacle door is left open to show that there is no Eucharist inside anymore till Easter Eve. The candles are no more lit during the service and all Crosses and Icons are covered in black clothes. All this leaves us in mourning; however he said, only for a short while as we must remember that our Lord rose on the third day and thus we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter Eve; and then the Church is once again filled with Joy.

Fr. Awraha reminded us, as he does from time to time, that no matter what we think of ourselves to be of extreme power, strength, and beauty, we are powerless without God. Thus we need to live knowing that as our life had a beginning it also has an end; therefore one needs to live in Christ in order to have eternal life.

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