Identifying the Chaldean Culture

Yesterday evening concluded the lectures on Chaldean History and Liturgy which were given by His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo and others throughout the last few months. The seven lectures focused on the roots of the Chaldean people from their geographical background to the manuscripts of Mar Addai and Mar Mari in the Chaldean Liturgy.

The final talk given by His Excellency elaborated on the true identity of the Chaldean people, focusing on the loss of the Chaldean language and its importance in the Chaldean community and especially in the Chaldean Liturgy. He explained that the migration of Chaldeans throughout the world, specifically Europe and the United States, has brought them into imitating other cultures traditions and speaking their languages.

His Excellency, Mar Sarhad, recognized two aspects to unite the Chaldean people back to their heritage: through the Chaldean Liturgy and the Chaldean language. This means a renewal in the liturgy from the apostles, as well as taking back a language given to the Chaldeans from their fathers of old. Keeping the identity of the Chaldean Liturgy and language is the crown of the Chaldean culture, and it is in this crown that unites the Chaldean community together.

160224_lecture_7_1The second half of the lecture was given by Fr. Ankido Sipo on the Chaldean Liturgy and its comparison to other liturgies throughout the world, mainly the Latin rite. Following one’s baptismal rite is Church teaching and is Canon Law that one should attend the Mass in the rite in which they were baptized in. For example, if someone is baptized in the Chaldean Church, this person becomes a part of the Chaldean rite and must be a parishioner of the Chaldean Church. He also discussed the importance of a priest to face the icon of Christ on the cross while praying to Christ during the Mass, something the Latin rite has not done since the Second Vatican Council.

The Chaldean Liturgy can be explained in a book written by His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo called The Chaldean Liturgy: At the Gate of God and can be purchased through Amazon. Also, books on learning the Chaldean language, also written by Mar Sarhad, are also available in Amazon in two levels: Introductory Chaldean and Chaldean Grammar.