First Centennial Memorial of the Chaldean Martyrs

Monday October 05, 2015
Ramsha: 5:30 pm • Mass: 6 pm • Lectures: 7pm
St. Peter’s Cathedral will be having a memorial of the Chaldean Martyrs on Monday
October 5th, 2015. To begin the First Centennial Memorial of the Chaldean Martyrs, the
Cathedral will begin with Slotha d’ Ramsha at 5:30pm followed by Mass at 6pm.
After the Holy Mass, Bishop Sarhad Jammo and Bishop Bawai Soro will be giving lectures in
the Hall beginning at 7pm. The first lecture will be given by Mar Bawai Soro. His lecture will
focus on the Witness of the First Century Genocide of the Chaldeans & Assyrians. The final
lecture will be given by our Shepherd, Bishop Sarhad Jammo. He will be focusing his lecture
on the Future of the Chaldeans, as A Nation and as a Church. The lectures will be in the hall
of St. Peter’s Cathedral and will be free of charge for anyone who would like to attend. We
are encouraging all Chaldeans the attend this event. This event will also present a live play
and hymns by the St. Peter’s Chaldean Choir led Luay Yousif. Coffee and water will be
To enrich this memorial, any family who have members who have experienced
martyrdom, bring a picture of them with their name, date, and location of martyrdom so
we can include them into this Memorial. Contact Father Simon for St. Peter’s and Father
David for St. Michaels.

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