Catechism Orientation and Big Surprise!

On Saturday, September 12 2015 from 9:30am-1pm, Fr. Michael prepared his course orientation for all the catechism and communion teachers of St. Peter’s and even some from St. Michaels. Fr. Michael taught them the deep meaning of the Call to be a Catechist.  The young adult  teachers and helpers learned so much about how to prepare for each specific class. He shared his experience through the months of preparation he took for this day. Fr. Michael, assisted by Fr. Royal Hannosh and Sr. Warda Mariam, spent four hours going over material, text books and other necessary aspects of catechism.

Near the conclusion of the orientation, Bishop Sarhad Jammo joined us for the final blessing. He spoke words of wisdom to the young catechists and enlightened their minds with joy and love of God.

Something very special happened after the orientation, Bishop Sarhad and Fr. Michael recognized three very important people, first Kosay Arabo, for being apart of catechism for 17 years. But also they surprised Kheloud Allos and her sister Hyam Allos Zengilou, for being apart of catechism for 25 years – we celebrated their silver anniversary. These sisters come from Poway every week without complain. St. Peter’s Catechism wants to show them we applicate them very much.