Angels and the People on Earth

Liturgy Introduces the Adoration of God from Heaven and Earth

This past Wednesday, September 16th, His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo continued his lectures on the Liturgy of the Chaldean Church of the East and the Reform of the Rite of Divine Mysteries.

This week he began speaking on the beginning of the mass as a cooperation of the Angels and the People on Earth. His Excellency stated that the prayers of the priests and the hymns sung in the Instructional Section of the Divine Liturgy are woven together to perfection. For example, the Liturgy is opened with the prayer of the Angels: “Tishbohta L’Alaha Bamrawmeh.” The priest then recites the prayer “Qamid Tronos” and quoting from that prayer it states: “do we, your people and the sheep of your flock, with thousands of cherubim crying “halleluiah,” and legions of seraphim and archangels who hallow you, kneel and adore, confess and glorify you.” We then recite “Abun dBashmaya” the prayer Jesus taught us with the traditional addition from Isaiah. These two prayers state how the liturgy introduces the Adoration of God from Heaven and Earth.

He also spoke of the procession of the Liturgy, specifically the direction the processional cross during the procession of the mass. During the procession, we face Christ crucified on the cross as we proceed to the altar. There are many reasons for this but one reason is that during the crucifixion John the Beloved Apostle, the Blessed Mother and Mary Magdalene were facing the cross as they were being led to the sacrifice of Christ.