A Year of Proud Accomplishments

Newly Ordained Priests Complete their Graduate Studies

Truly a magnificent moment, witnessing yesterday evenings event of our four newly ordained priests from the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle receiving their graduate diploma for the Degree of Master of Arts in Biblical Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University. Fr. Ankido Sipo, Fr. Simon Esshaki, Fr. Royal Hannosh, and Fr. David Stephan, took center stage, adding another historical achievement to our diocese. Before the students from the university came up to receive their diplomas, His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo was given the honor on behalf of the university to give the invocation prayer for all graduates, faculty members, friends, and families.

11986474_1218579251505023_1459433670121901446_nThe president of the university, Dr. Derry Connolly, shared his gratitude towards His Excellency Mar Sarhad, the four newly ordained priests, Fr. Andrew Younan, and our diocese. Dr. Connelly’s welcome speech was followed by a heartfelt address by Fr. Ankido Sipo who was chosen by the MA students to speak on their behalf. After receiving their diplomas, the commencement ceremony was concluded with a charge to the graduating class of 2015 by the universities Professor in Philosophy, Fr. Andrew Younan as well as his final blessing to all in attendance. Congratulations to the four priests on this superior achievement as they continue their mark in our diocese’s history books.