Waking the Lions of Babylon

Speech given  by Fr. Noel Gorgis

A large group of Chaldeans gathered at the Chaldean Club to attend the Chaldean Renaissance Conference. Fr. Noel Gorgis was one of the speakers who contributed to the event. He spoke of a Chaldean revival and encouraged the people of Sweden to wake up.

“This is probably the first time this country has seen this type of revival. There is no doubt that the Chaldeans here are awake and ready to carry their heritage on, but there are some who are asleep. It is time for Chaldeans to wake up. We are the Lions of Babylon and we need to wake up. If we see our neighbor asleep, it is our responsibility to wake him up. However, if our neighbor would like to remain asleep, leave him that way. Just as a cat who sleeps, those Chaldeans who do not want to wake up can stay sleeping like cats. Those who are lions, it is time to wake up and roar, to let our voices ring throughout the world.”

The Chaldean Media Center in California is here to help other Chaldeans raise their voices, to roar. The Lion of Babylon stands on top of the figure of a man, not to kill him, but to protect him. We are to be Lions of Babylon by protecting our culture and heritage that we may pass it on to our children.