The Year of Faith – Lecture 2B

The Family as Sacrament of Love

Week 2: The Family Living the Faith
Second Hour:
 The Family as Sacrament of Love 
November 14, 2012

Alen Giliana

Lecture Summary

  1. God takes the love that a couple brings to him and He elevates, magnifies and infuses it with the divine love in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
  2. The love found in the Trinity is both creative and redemptive.
  3. During the precious time on the cross, Christ shows us the depth and loftiness of marriage.
  4. It is not something within the spouces that keeps a marriage bound together but a holy marriage keeps the spouses together.
  5. It is the parents that must first prepare the way of God within their children.
  6. A holy family is sent out to the heart of society to evangelize by its existence.

Lecture Notes

All of the sacrament flow out of God’s love to us so that we may be worthy to receive his grace

  • so when one of those sacraments translates the divine love into human love a bridge is built
  • God gave us a way to make visible His invisible divine love. ****

The only Sacrament that two persons are required to enter

  • all the other sacraments a person enters, marriage two enter
  • God has chosen this sacrament to mimic the trinity on earth
  • its given two because its not static love, like the Trinity
  • He takes the love that a couple brings to him and elevates magnifies and infuses it with the divine love, the love that is at the core of the Holy Trinity

Trinitarian love is two part

  • Creative love
    • it is in the cyclical love of the Father to the Son and from the Son to the Father that the Holy Spirit is begotten
    • God could have chosen any method to bring life in this world, but he chose through lovewhen a husband loves his wife and the wife in return loves her husband they give the themselves fully that’s when window is open to life
      • trees grow fruit
  • Redemptive love
    • it is the loving submission of the son to the father’s will humanity has redemption
      • John 3:16
      • Luke 22:42 ESV – “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.”
    • in a home where the father and the mother live in complete dedication to one another and keeping God’s will first before their own they open the biggest window to the children to God’s saving grace
      • we say this during the mass “Lord, grant us peace and serenity that we may confess your Trinity”
      • Peace and serenity are prerequisites
    • starts with one and gives to the other
    • must come from inside and given to the other

Love of Christ to Church is the prime image of family;

  • Chaldean liturgy
    • This theological reality is not overlooked in the Chaldean liturgy
    • liturgical calendar-after the season of the cross is the crowning of the church
    • church hymn and marriage rite -Church, O betrothed of Jesus Christ who save you by his precious Blood; gave you his body (living Food which wicked man had sacrificed), who placed in your hands his redeeming Cup (his most precious Blood that flowed from his side when they stabbed him by the spear)
  • A holy and successful marriage
    • is in love with God. Not just internally or individually, but externally and collectively.
    • does not melt within society. We are not married because we are not religious. We are sent as a religious couple in the world. Zero exceptions or excuses.