The Year of Faith – Lecture 1B

The Church Believes in the Holy Trinity

Week 1: Introduction to the Faith
Second Hour: The Church Believes in the Holy Trinity
November 7, 2012

Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Jammo

In One God: The Father Almighty, and in our Lord Jesus Christ his only begotten Son, and in the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father through the Son.

a)We believe in God consisting in one divine nature, possessed by three persons, or three distinct “Qnome” (i.e. distinct individuals, distinct but never separate), as expressed in the eastern theological terminology; which means that God revealed himself to us as a transcendent and dynamic being:

  • The Heavenly Father, the fountain and ultimate source of every being and existence;
  • His own internal image, the only Son or the Word of God sent to the world in human nature to accomplish our redemption; and
  • The Holy Spirit who is the divine energy that animates and sanctifies every spiritual being, applying and distributing the effects and graces of redemption.

b)Because the term “Person” is used with a specific meaning referring to human individuals or legal institutions, we may be justified in theology to prefer the term Qnoma, to express the transcendent reality of the divine Persons.

c)If Jesus Christ is not the “Son of God”, whatever he said or did could not have the ultimate value and be the final reference for human race. Without Trinity there cannot be Incarnation; therefore, the Father sent to us his Son, and the Son reveals to us his Father; when the Son departs, the Father sends to us the Holy Spirit to remain with us till theThe Holy Trinity is the transcendent image of every genuine family and unity.