The Year of Faith – Lecture 1A

We Believe in One God

Week 1: Introduction on Faith
First Hour: We Believe in One God
November 7, 2012

Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Jammo

We Believe

What do we mean with this declaration? “We Believe in One God”?

To believe in this context implies:

  1. a)The result of research for an intellectual answer in regard to basic question of the existence, origin and finality, of the world and of our own, which we identify as God, who has created the world, the universe, and ourselves for a purpose.
  1. b)The implications in regard to conscience moral imperatives, valid as personal and social standards for human individuals, with eternal consequences.
  1. c)“We believe” goes beyond: an intellectual “we know”, to the “commitment” of ourselves to a specific relationship with God, implying submission to his plan of creation. That plan implied a beautiful universe created with its crowning, which is the human being, to whom God created an intellectual soul, made in the image of God himself; an image which is beautiful, therefore possessing a precious but limited freedom.
  1. d)Because of the historic fact of human sin since primordial time, God reached out to human race providing salvation, whose outline implied the selection of Abraham, sealing a covenant with him and his inheritance; a covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. More than generic “commitment”, it indicates a “covenant” in the blood of Jesus Christ, as a response of his faithful within his ecclesial body.