The Importance of Media for the Chaldean People

Speech given by Fr. Noel Gorgis

Fr. Noel first introduced himself as the head of the Chaldean Media Center. He began by assuring those present that Chaldeans do have a media presence in the world. Contrary to the belief of many Chaldeans around the world, there is in fact a presence, a Chaldean Media Center. It is located in San Diego, complete with three priests heading up its management and two consecrated religious who have dedicated their lives to spreading the message of the Chaldean people and the Chaldean Church around the world.

We are not alone, the Chaldeans around the world are waiting for others to connect with them. We have begun this venture in California, and we are willing to do what it takes to bring others along with us. It is important and necessary for Chaldean communities around the world to have media centers. The Chaldean Media Center in California extends its hand in welcome to any community of Chaldeans who wish to contribute to our mission.

The Chaldean Media Center has a strong presence online. We have launched our television branch on the internet, With a simple wire, you can connect the internet from your computer to your television and have kalduTV on your television set. There are two websites attached to the Media Center. The first is where you will find news on contemporary events and even politics. It is a place where Chaldeans can come and share their views, including political views, and current events. There is something for everyone on with articles available in the Chaldean, English and Arabic languages. Our other website is This site is a diocesan website where you can find information on Chaldean culture, liturgy, spirituality and parish events.

The Chaldean Media Center is willing to do whatever it takes to assist other Chaldeans around the world to establish media centers of their own where we can communicate with one another and solidify our presence in the world for the future.