Sultan Mahdokht & Her Two Brothers

Copy of christ-pantocrator-sinai2In the year 313, the ninth year of the reign of King Shabur, a law was passed to kill all Christians. At the time a Prince Pholar ruled the principality of Dorsas, who had two sons and an very beautiful daughter named Sultan Mahdokht (whose name means “daughter of the moon” in Persian). Shabur ordered Pholar to apprehend Christians and move them to Karkh-Slokh (today’s Kirkuk) to be killed before the king’s representative. While the prince was away completing his mission, his three children decided to race. Near the village of Ahwan, Meharnarsa, one of the boys, fell and broke his hip and leg and passed out. They took him to Ahwan. During that time Bishop Mar Abda was visiting his flock there. Seeing the young people, he came to help. Saying a prayer, he ordered the young man to stand up and walk.

When Meharnarsa awoke he recognized the Saint and told everyone the dream he had had while passed out: he was in heaven where he saw Jesus, and Mar Abda kneeling in front of Jesus asking for him to be healed. After this miracle, all three young people asked to become Christian, were baptized and rejoiced with everyone in the village.

Meanwhile, their father sent troops to look for his lost kids; this was especially urgent because King Shabur had asked to marry Sultan Mahdokht. The young people hid in a cave and were taken care of by the people of the village, but after an exhausting search of three years, they were found and brought to their father. They declared their faith and predicted the day they would be killed. They were martyred on January 12, 319.