Mar Pithyon

christtrimphantA few days after the martyrdom of St. Anahyd, King Athorfurzajard ordered Pithyon to be arrested and brought to his court, accusing him of being the cause of the killing of Anahyd. When the king saw him he was enraged and called him “Pithyon the magician, head of the Christians.”  Pithyon replied, “I am not the head of the Christians; nor do I deceive people. I teach them how to gain the eternal life.” The king became even more enraged and ordered him chained and thrown into prison.

In the middle of the night, Pithyon and all the prisoners were miraculously unchained and the doors of the prison were opened. Everyone was praising Pithyon’s faith, and the guards were terrified and thought that all the prisoners had escaped. The next day, he was found, bound with heavychains and thrown into the river. The river stopped flowing and Pithyon was seen standing at the bottom of the river. After this second miracle, all those around him began praising the Christian faith.

After this, the hard-hearted king ordered him to be burned alive, but again he survived. In his final frustration, the king ordered him to be taken to a mountain and cut into pieces over a period of three days. Pithyon died on Wednesday, the 25th of November, 449.