Mar Jacob the Mutilated

Christ-the-BridegroomBorn into an aristocratic family in Beth Laphat, Jacob became close friends to King Yezdegard, who spoiled him with riches and power to the point that Jacob converted from Christianity to Zoroastrianism. After the death of Yezdegard, Jacob repented and returned to his Christian faith with much deeper devotion. When the new King Warharan heard of this, he summoned Jacob to his quarters and asked him if he was a Christian. He boldly answered with a definite “Yes.” The more the king tried, the more Jacob insisted on his faith. This caused the king to be outraged, and he ordered Jacob to be tortured to death.

After Jacob said a short prayer asking God to give him strength at such a terrible hour, the executioners began by cutting his fingers off one by one, then his toes, his hands, arms and legs piece by piece. With each cut he said a special prayer, offering his body and soul to God. Finally, they cut off his head. This is why he is known as “Jacob the Mutilated.” The day he received the crown of martyrdom was Friday, November 27, 422. That night the faithful came and collected the twenty-eight parts of his body and buried them.