The Feast of Dinha

The Perfect Summary

Just as in many Feasts of the highest importance, the Basilica Hymn of the Holy Feast of Dinha, or the Dawning of our Lord, is comprised of many verses reflecting on the events that have taken place for our salvation as well as the spiritual results of these events. It is probable that the multitude of these verses was sung during a procession, most likely from the Bema to the Sanctuary, where, after Ramsha was completed, Communion was given to the People of God.

The event of the Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan stands out as the beginning of his earthly, public ministry, but especially as the great “Dawning,” the “Epiphany,” the shedding of Light upon a world steeped in the darkness of ignorance. This is because God, in his most intimate Being, was revealed to the world at the Baptism of the Lord, and this revelation of the Essence of the Creator pointed back to the works of Christ on earth, specifically to his passion, death and resurrection.

Every element of the Faith is thus represented in the Baptism of the Lord: the Incarnation, in Christ’s person and his conversation with John the Baptist; the Trinity, for the first time being revealed in the Son who was baptized, the Spirit who descended like a dove and the Voice of the Father praising his Son; even the redemption given through Christ is hidden in this marvelous event, since the baptism of the Church is one in Christ’s death.

Let us proceed, therefore, in this procession; let us sing the songs of the Church to Christ on this holy day, and enter the Sanctuary as we sing! We enter a new liturgical season, one revealing the love of God anew in itself, and pointing with brightness to the very sacrifice of Christ.

The Holy Feast of the Dawning of Our Lord
(Epiphany, January 6)

Basilica Hymn
Come, let us bless and adore him
We your people and the sheep of your flock
He to whom be glory and authority forever and ever
We adore your holy dawning, O Lord, which has gladdened us, for in it, by a wonder, you enlightened all the nations who sat in darkness and in the shadow of death. O Lover of mankind, glory to you!
Come, let us praise the Lord
For his grace has empowered us
That through them the dawn from on high shall visit us
Come, let us give thanks to Christ in whose revelation has freed us from error, has reconciled us with the Father by the oblation of his body, and has reconciled the exalted with us, who were enraged because of our wickedness. To him be glory, with his Sender!
Let us give thanks to him forever
For your grace and your truth
It is our duty to give thanks to God at all times
We give thanks to you, our Maker, for you are merciful to all of creation: indeed, you carry the good and the evil in your compassion, and overflowingly give benefits to men. O Abounding in Mercies, glory to you!
The Lord will bring power to his people
May the power of your grace, O Savior, empower the assembly of your adorers who extol the commemoration of your baptism with hymns of praise; for in it, the race of Adam accepted the gift of the Holy Spirit, and inherited the eternal life of promise.
He who is before the ages
O Being, O Eternal Lord, Almighty over height and depth: let the tabernacle of your grace dwell in the temple set apart for your honor, and in it, may your Being be glorified, and your Majesty be adored by all forever, you whose command has created all!
[Come, let us bless and adore him
Let us give thanks, adore and glorify the glorious Child that has dawned upon us, and who has assured us, on the day of his baptism, in confessing three Qnome: in the Father, who witnesses that he is the Son, and the Spirit who anointed him on the Jordan, and who has let our race participate in his Existence. ]
We your people and the sheep of your flock
We adore the glorious dawning of Christ our King, for in him death and Satan have been abolished, sin has been quenched, true life rules, and good hope is for all creatures. Glorious and exalted is he, with his Father and his Spirit.
[To whom honor is due
We glorify the Living Light that has dawned in our humanity, has gladdened angels and men in the knowledge of the Qnome of his existence, and has absolved and sanctified us through his dawning, and invited us to the banquet of his kingdom. To him be glory, with his Sender!]
All you servants of the Lord
All you nations, bless and adore Jesus our Savior, who has gladdened and brought joy to angels and men together, who saved and freed the whole world from its ends through his dawning. Adorable is he, with his Father and his Holy Spirit!
[Gladness throughout the earth
Adorable, O Lord, is your dawning, in which the world was brightened and all creation rejoiced, and peace and serenity reigned among the exalted and the lowly. Lo, together they call out praise to you from every mouth: O Son who has sanctified our race through his baptism!
And you saved your people with your arm
By your baptism, O Savior of all, you saved our race from death, promised us the kingdom, and life that does not cease, and through the light of your glorious dawning, you turned us to the knowledge of yourself: to you be glory in height and depth!
From the mouths of babes and children
To you be praise, O Christ our Life-Giver, for you enlightened us by your revelation, treaded for us the path of the new life of your holy baptism, and freed our whole race from slavery to sin. To you be glory from every mouth!
The hope of all the ends of the earth
Glorious is your revelation, O Christ, in whose baptism has freed us from error, granted hope and renewal to the whole race of mortals, and made light dawn upon the exalted and the lowly together. To you be praise, O Christ our Savior! ]
Let my prayer enter before you
Accept our prayer, our Savior, and answer our requests in your mercies. May your cross be a defense for our assembly from the evil one and his power, that we may be good servants to you, and lift up praise to your Majesty: you who are worthy of praise from every mouth!
I will exalt you, O Lord my King
O Christ the King, in whose cross I have taken refuge: do not desert me to the hands of rebellious demons who stand against me at every hour. Rather, strengthen my thoughts to endure sufferings, and make me worthy to receive the crown of victory.
Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
We adore your holy dawning, O Lord, which has gladdened us, for in it, by a wonder, you enlightened all the nations who sat in darkness and in the shadow of death. O Lover of mankind, glory to you!