Fourth Sunday of Dinha

The Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

Basilica Hymn
How good and how pleasant
Radiance and glory are before him
His works glorify and exalt
The earth is filled with his glory
Glorious and beautiful was the day of your birth, O Savior, and pleasant and excellent also the feast of your Epiphany, O Christ our Life-Giver. At your birth, O Lord, the sheepfold and the cave, the crib and the swaddling clothes, the star and the magi, the shepherds and the angels, [all] served in reverence. At your great and honorable Epiphany, John served in fear, and the river Jordan announced your baptism; the Father with his voice, and the Holy Spirit by his hovering, witnessed, O Lord, to your Divinity. We also glorify you: have mercy on us, O God!