Take Heart, I Have Overcome the World

A Reflection on Passover Thursday

He did not promise us a happy, peaceful journey but he assured our arrival.

Through his life and preaching Jesus did not promise us a very happy life on earth without any sufferings. To be more specific he said, “In the world you have tribulation, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”  Some people will say he died for us so we can live and that is true so we can live eternal life with him and to leave us with a taste of how this eternal life would be he had the last supper with his disciples and offered his body and blood to us. He basically established the Mass in which we get to be so close to Him that we receive Him and enjoy the glory of meeting him physically. On his presence every mass is a sign for us that He is closer to us more than what we think. On this last supper Jesus assured us that he will be with us in this life and forever. In his greatest prayer that he offered on his last supper Jesus did not promise an easy life but he promised us a better thing, a definite arrival to the kingdom of heaven after this life; “

On Thursday night Jesus also prepared himself by prayer. If you read John chapter 17 you will see that this is the longest prayer you see in the bible for Jesus and this is also an example for us on how to prepare our souls before we meet the heavenly king in Mass.  This prayer is so powerful because it shows us the relationship that Jesus had with his Father, and how we are invited to be sons and daughter of that same father and how to open up to him.

The last supper that Jesus had with his disciples was very epic; he managed to tell them the most important lessons that he wants them to learn. Before he sat to eat with them, he bend on his knees and started washing their feet, how much courage, humbleness and love it took the king of kings to wash his friends’ feet.

In his last supper the Lord gave us few true examples on how to be true sons and daughters of God. He taught us how to humble ourselves, how to pray, and how to fight in this world.