Looking Forward to Priesthood

Deacon Simon Esshaki reflects on his future priesthood

040815 simonThe fact that I am going to be ordained a priest in three days is something that still hasn’t hit me and something that I still cannot believe. In over six years of being a seminarian I have been studying and trying to make myself the best follower of Christ I can be so that I can be a faithful priest. It is something that I have been working towards by God’s grace and it is by his grace that it will happen.

The priesthood is something supernatural. If I were to tell someone who has no faith in God that in three days I was getting ready to give up marriage, children, and a normal life they would look at me as if I were crazy. The reality is that there is no human being who can achieve this on his own; it is a gift from God and specifically by the grace of the Holy Spirit that it happens. It is not about the fact that I am giving up marriage and children; it is the fact that I am offering my life in service to God and his Church. Just as a man dedicates his life to his wife and kids, so a priest dedicates his life to the people of the Church. A married man’s main duty is to make sure his wife and children are on the path to salvation; a priest’s main duty is to make sure that the people of the Church are on the path to salvation.

The main way that the people attain salvation and unity with God on this earth is through the mass. I cannot wait to celebrate mass and offer all the people’s prayers to God in that sacrifice. It is really overwhelming and kind of scary to think that I would be doing that in just a few days—what a great duty that every priest has! No human is worthy to even attend mass and receive the body of Christ, let alone be the one to lead the sacrifice.

I will rely on the grace of God and strive to be in union with Christ every moment of my life. He is the true Priest in whose priesthood all priests share in. If I will not be united to him then I will not be able to perform my daily duties and I will surely not be able to bring people close to him. I have just finished a long journey of my seminary formation and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for this new journey of the priesthood which I am now approaching.