Holy Week at St. Matthew’s

Lent Season through Easter Sunday Commemorations and Celebrations at St. Matthew Catholic Church, Ceres-Ca

The Good News of The Risen Christ continue to echo in the hearts and minds of all who have come to believe in Him, and continue to evoke the message of The Cross to all mankind.

Stations of The Cross

SMYLE Jr. Ministry’s 2nd year Lenten devotion, actively participated in walking the 14 Stations of the Cross, overseen by Fr. Peter Georgis.

Holy Thursday

Thursday, 04/02/2015, St. Matthew parishioners with Fr. Peter Georgis celebrated the Holy Thursday Mass in Commemoration of Passover and Washing of the Feet. Following the Holy Mass, Fr. Peter carried the Holy Eucharist through a Procession, out of the Altar, in preparation for Passion Friday.

Passion Friday

Friday, 04/03/2015, St. Matthew parishioners with Fr. Awraha Mansoor commemorated Passion Friday.

Easter Vigil and Holy Mass

Saturday, 04/04/2015, The Easter Vigil and Holy Mass as well as Easter Sunday morning Holy Mass, 04/05/2015, were celebrated by Fr. Awraha Mansoor.

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Summary and Photos by: St. Matthew Catholic Church Media Team