Children, Have You Any Fish

MOMS Group enjoys a day retreat at the convent

IMG 3933On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 40 women gathered at the convent of Our Lady of the Fields for a day retreat hosted by the Workers of the Vineyard. The retreat was based on the last chapter of St. John’s Gospel and focused on the interaction between Jesus and the disciples. The women gathered at the convent at 8:30am and started the day off with morning prayer followed by Communion service. After enjoying a small breakfast, the retreat began and lasted until 2pm. The speakers included Sister Tarbytha Mariam, along with the newly ordained Fr. Ankido Sipo and Fr. Simon Esshaki. Confession was also available throughtout the retreat thanks to the visiting priests. Though the retreat was only a few hours, the women were able to draw closer to Christ through the different talks and activities planned for the day.

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