With His Stripes We are Healed

Adult Bible Study concludes their retreat

“He was wounded for our transgressions… and with his stripes we were healed” Isaiah 53:5

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Deacon David Stephen gives a talk on the Adult Bible Study retreat at St. George.

Our second day of the Adult Bible Study retreat started with Sunday morning prayer. After That we started our fourth talk about the stations of the cross. Deacon David went ahead on explaining the passion of Christ and his agony as well as the plan of salvation. How Christ walking into each station is a lesson for us on how to walk through life and how by the coming of Christ made earth decide what happens on heaven unlike before Christ, it was heaven which decided what happens on earth. Each Station of the cross is a lesson on pure love because He who was innocent died the most gruesome way.

After a little break, The retreatants came again together for the fifth talk, The Resurrection. how are we Catholics are defined by the resurrection and how Christ opened the doors of heaven to us after it was shut before Adam. The talk ended by going on small groups and reflecting on our vocation as young Chaldean Catholic. After the big group met again we did a renewal of baptism promises and head back to St. Peter Chaldean Cathedral to participate in Ramsha (evening) prayer and the Liturgy of the divine Mystery.