Meeting Jesus in the Desert

Adult Bible Study Lenten Retreat Day 1

Behold, the creator took a body of a creature and set an example for our human race.

20150228 204720An Adult Bible Study retreat prepared by Deacon David Stephen is taking place right now at St. George Monastery where a group of young men and women came together to prepare themselves to grow stronger in their faith. The Retreat started by praying Ramsha (evening) prayer, one of the oldest Chaldean traditional prayers. After that, Deacon David gave his first talk about Lent and its meaning; how it is a journey that makes us pure and less attached to this world and its materialistic desires. The talk ended by making a personal offering by each retreatant and placed it on a cross and offer it to God in the chapel.

The second talk was about the temptation of Christ. How Jesus by allowing the devil to tempt him is setting an example before us on how to fight the devil and its ways by three important thing, praying, fasting, and alms-giving. The Third talk was about Adam’s role and how he lost heaven due to his sin and linking that to Jesus role in this world and our roles as Chaldean Catholics. The talk ended by a spiritual meditation on the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary, a great way to end our first day of the retreat.