Halfway There

Palgu - The Middle of Lent

It is midday. I’m driving home from the park with my two toddlers in the back seat, and I hear words that will invoke terror into any sleep-deprived parent:

“I’m hungry.”

I remember that I packed some crackers on my way out of the house. I promise said crackers to both children before double checking that they actually made it into the car. Rookie mistake. Seconds later I realized the package of crackers are actually on my kitchen counter. Next to my forgotten coffee. I decide the truth is best in all situations, and inform the children that they will not be getting crackers.

Little hearts break. Little hands that were held out patiently in hopes of Ritz Bitz land on little cheeks now being moistened by little tears.

It is midday. The children have been well behaved all morning. They have been listening and playing. They got into the car when it was time to go home and have lunch. But now, at noon, they have run out of patience and energy. They are just children, right? With only a few years of morality behind them we can only expect so much before their ability to cope runs out. We arrive home shorty and come together to enjoy lunch and a nap. This dividing time allows us all to regain composure and prepare for the rest of the day.

It is mid-lent. Together as a family of Catholics we have agreed to give up certain luxuries. Some of us gave up foods, others donated money, and others gave up bad habits to make room for good ones. We started strong together in the first week, and maybe we even got through the second and third week, but now we are in the fourth week and are starting to falter.

It is mid-lent. We may be slipping with our commitment to better ourselves and to prepare for Easter. We are adults, and have decades of moral teaching with us that should get us through one season of sacrifice, but even with all of those years of lessons, we still need a boost. Palgu is on Wednesday and it marks the second half of Lent. It is a day where we can come together as a church family to be strengthened and refreshed to prepare for Holy Week and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.