The Feast of the Dawning of Our Lord

Reflection on the Basilica Hymn for the Feast Dinha

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The Perfect Summary

Just as in many Feasts of the highest importance, the Basilica Hymn of the Holy Feast of Dinha, or the Dawning of our Lord, is comprised of many verses reflecting on the events that have taken place for our salvation as well as the spiritual results of these events. It is probable that the multitude of these verses was sung during a procession, most likely from the Bema to the Sanctuary, where, after Ramsha was completed, Communion was given to the People of God.

The event of the Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan stands out as the beginning of his earthly, public ministry, but especially as the great “Dawning,” the “Epiphany,” the shedding of Light upon a world steeped in the darkness ofignorance. This is because God, in his most intimate Being, was revealed to the world at the Baptism of the Lord, and this revelation of the Essence of the Creator pointed back to the works of Christ on earth, specifically to his passion, death and resurrection.

Every element of the Faith is thus represented in the Baptism of the Lord: the Incarnation, in Christ’s person and his conversation with John the Baptist; the Trinity, for the first time being revealed in the Son who was baptized, the Spirit who descended like a dove and the Voice of the Father praising his Son; even the redemption given through Christ is hidden in this marvelous event, since the baptism of the Church is one in Christ’s death.

Let us proceed, therefore, in this procession; let us sing the songs of the Church to Christ on this holy day, and enter the Sanctuary as we sing! We enter a new liturgical season, one revealing the love of God anew in itself, and pointing with brightness to the very sacrifice of Christ.