The Emmanuel App

Your prayer life at your fingertips

Of the many challenges a person may face in their personal life, making more time for prayer is a desire that is common among those who take their faith seriously. With so many people and things fighting for our attention, it often seems like God gets crammed into smaller and smaller corners of our lives. Though there are thousands of ways to talk to God, the church offers its own prayers to the faithful. For years, it was impossible for english speaking faithful of the Chaldean church to participate in these prayers unless they learned the Aramaic language. Finally, in 2013, St. Peter Diocese offered its faithful a translation of these prayers in the Emmanuel book.

In an effort to encourage the young people of this generation to pray, the Emmanuel App was created. Available in both the iTunes and Android stores, this app can be downloaded by anyone for free. From the prayers of Ramsha (evening prayer) to the Propers for Sunday, this app makes it possible for you to pray the Chaldean Liturgy anywhere.

It’s not too late for making daily prayer a New Year’s resolution. Download the app on your device and watch your spiritual life deepen with these centuries old prayers.