December 2014

A Visit from St. Nicholas

December 15, 2014

On Saturday December 13, 2014, to end off the 2014 St. Michael catechism year before Christmas break, a beautiful Christmas Pageant was held at St. Michaels Church. There, [...]

A Call From God

December 12, 2014

On Friday evening, December 12, 2014, over 40 men and women were blessed as lectors and servers, followed by the ordination of three new Deacons. The Mass began at 6:30pm in [...]

Between the Moon and the Star

December 11, 2014

Of the many things to look forward to during the Christmas season, the many pageants and plays that become available are among the most pleasant. This year, St. Peter Diocese [...]

Unity in the Chaldean Catholic Church

December 10, 2014

For someone with a healthy conscience, lying is a very difficult thing. Simply saying something untrue is so blatantly wrong that it’s impossible to hide from the heart. In [...]

Becoming New Wine

December 7, 2014

New Wine The heaviness of our daily routine can make it easy for us to slouch spiritually, to see the world with aged eyes and, worst of all, to become bored with the life [...]

The Great Mystery

December 7, 2014

For more reflections on the Basilica Hymns of each season, purchase Perpetual Jubilee: Meditations on the Chaldean Liturgical Year on Suspense God, the Author [...]
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