Marian Fast: A Traditional Way to Commemorate Subara

“Prepare the way of the Lord!”

The words of John the Baptist serve as a rally cry, or slogan for the militant faithful to march to, heralding the liturgical coming of Christ, and eventually His second coming.

Every rite in the Church has its differences in spirituality. The Chaldean Church traditionally prepares the way of the Lord by observing a special fast or period of prayerful devotion during the 9 days preceding Beyth Yalda. This is because the whole of Subara is structured to focus on the parallels between the coming of both Jesus and John the Baptist, but the last 9 days of Subara are a time dedicated specially to deepening one’s relationship with Mart Maryam. Each of the 9 days signifies one of the sacred months she carried the Christ in her womb, and who better to learn from how to prepare the way of the Lord, than she who so intimately carried Him during the first leg of His earthly journey?

Most women will dedicate this time to pray particular litanies or novenas which expound on particularities of her motherhood toward Christ, from conceiving, to carrying, to birthing, to nursing, etc.

The Fast commemorating Mart Maryam’s 9 sacred months of pregnancy begins today, December 16, and all the faithful are encouraged to use all their spiritual reserves for this homestretch, preparing the lord’s way for the last 9 days of Subara, until they cross the finish line, and welcome His coming on Christmas.