Buying Meaningful Gifts for Christmas

A few gift ideas from St. Peter Diocese

It is easy for the secular version of the Holiday Season to take over at Christmas time. Every ad promises that the product you buy will guarantee your loved one happiness. This year, why not try adding gifts that will encourage spiritual happiness? The following gift ideas are all available on and are wonderful ways to deepen your Chaldean spirituality and that of your family and friends.




emmanuelEmmanuel –

Emmanuel contains two sections:

1. The Public Prayer of the Chaldean Church (Ramsha and Sapra) for Sundays, Memorials and Ordinary Days, translated into vernacular Chaldean as well as singable English. This section also includes a complete translation of Ba’utha.

2. Kahnayta, which is a volume of all the reformed Sacramental Rites of the Chaldean Church (Mass, Baptism & Confirmation, Absolution & Confession, Nishan & Marriage, Anointing of the Sick, and Funeral), available in both vernacular Chaldean and English, as well as selected Arabic. This section also includes devotional prayers such as Eucharistic adoration, as well as various blessings.

Introducing the Emmanuel book is a landmark essay by Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, which is a comprehensive exposition on every major element of the Chaldean Liturgy, from the Liturgy of the Hours, to the Liturgical Year, to the Eucharistic Liturgy and all the other sacraments.


Perpetual Jubilee: Meditations on the Chaldean Liturgical Year –

This book contains short reflections on what were traditionally called ‘Onyatha d-Basalyqe, the “Basilica Responsories,” which is the name given to the “Proper,” that is, specifically-chosen, hymns for Evening Prayer of each of the Sundays and Feast Days of the Chaldean Liturgical year. The purpose of these reflections is to reveal to the faithful of the Chaldean Church, or anyone interested in its spirituality, the great richness of that tradition, to show the depth of the theology contained in these hymns, and most of all to bring about a true devotion in the hearts of the reader, which is the purpose of all liturgy and all meditation. Thus there is a translation of these hymns for each Sunday and many major Feasts, accompanied by a meditation that helps explain the meaning of the hymn to the lay person with basic Catechetical education.


The Chaldean Liturgy: At the Gate of God –

A comprehensive study of the Chaldean Liturgy, from the structure of the Liturgy of the Hours to the Liturgical Year, including a historical and analytical study of the Anaphora of Addai and Mari, as well as all of the sacraments.






Chaldean Grammar –

This is a comprehensive Grammar of the Chaldean “Neo-Aramaic” Language. The rationale of this book is a combination of a “pure grammar” and a “pedagogical” one, where as much as possible grammatical forms are presented completely (for example, that of the Adjective or the Present Tense Verb), but with the progressive learning of a student in mind, especially in the selection of Vocabulary and Exercises. The 2000-Word Dictionaries at the end of the book, as well as the selections of Literature in the Chaldean language, are intended to be useful for one learning, though not in any sense comprehensive.


Introductory Chaldean –

An Introduction to the Chaldean-Aramaic language, including progressive exercises in the Alphabet and vowels, basic conversation, common phrases, introductory vocabulary, reading exercises, samples of literature, and a 2000-word glossary.





Chosen to Rescue: Chaldean Exegesis of the Old Testament–

By using the Mesopotamian culture to fulfill his plan of salvation, God allowed his grace and mercy to be manifested toward the Chaldeans throughout the Scriptures. As several personalities and events throughout the Bible are intimately connected to Mesopotamia, specifically with Babylon, one may trace the Chaldean Christian identity through the study of particular heroes and their narratives. This book is therefore conceived as a manual for Bible study sodalities of adult Chaldean faithful. While presenting the community with scriptural and ecclesiastic personalities as champions of the faith, it will also guide them to read the Scriptures with Chaldean sensitivity. This book will aid the Chaldean faithful, and potentially many others, in realizing their call to be both the beneficiary of Christ’s grace and the specially tuned heralds of his universal redemption.


Journeying to Emmaus: A Chaldean Catechism for First Communion–

This book was written for children preparing to receive their first Holy Communion in the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle. It covers the important doctrines of Catholic Church teaching and the mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ. The book begins with the mystery of God himself and works through a biblical account of salvation history ending with the establishment of the Church and her inner life, the sacraments.